River Street Garage Attack? Not So Much.

WHP TV (video) and ABC27 (text) are reporting that the alleged victims in the alleged attack in the River Street parking garage (downtown, behind Sawyer’s) have stopped cooperating with Harrisburg police.  At this point, city police are calling the investigation “up in the air”.

Back on Thursday, October 14th, PennLive reported on an alleged attack that occurred the previous Saturday (10/9).  At approximately 1:30am, a newlywed couple reported that as they were exiting the garage from the fourth floor, ten guys surrounded their car, dragged the 6’3″ 250-pound husband out, beat him senseless, attacked her, and stole exactly nothing.

There were a lot of aspects of the original story that still don’t make sense:

  • The attack allegedly happened at 1:30am on a Saturday. The parking garage is FULL of pedestrians at that hour!  And yet, nobody saw anything.
  • Even on the fourth level, lots of people would be attempting to drive out of the garage “early” at that hour.  The layout of that garage is such that there’s really only one way out.  Nobody happened to drive past the attack?
  • To exit the garage, the victims would have to drive past a cluster of Harrisburg police officers. There are always 3-5 stationed at the island between the entrance and exit ramps.  However, the victims waited until the next morning to report the attack.
  • The victims possibly had to drive past Pinnacle Health’s ER — but they didn’t stop (it is possible that they exited the city via another route).
  • NOBODY heard any screams.
  • NOBODY, except the alleged victims, saw the incident.
  • NOBODY reported a suspicious group in the area (surely, other people walked past the group of 10 alleged assailants).
  • The victims first stated that nothing was taken, then reported that the man’s wallet was stolen.

Now, I’ve heard of victims not wanting to report a crime out of fear of retaliation.  But that isn’t what happened — the alleged victims reported the incident, then stopped cooperating several weeks later.

Hopefully this will all be cleared up in the next few days.