A Brand New Host

I just got done moving the site over to a brand new webhost.  Wordpress.com has been great to me, but the times, they are a-changin’.

As you read this, my brand new dual-E5620 and its eight cores of terrifying web-serving might are idly twiddling their thumbs.  The gigabit Ethernet port, with its dozen-or-so 10-gigabit pipes to the outside world, flickers occasionally out of sheer boredom.  The SAS RAID-10 setup  is mildly amused, but you would be too if you were spinning around at 15,000 RPM.

Cool things are happening.  Details soon.


  1. Dan Christ says:

    Sounds very cool, Dave. Best of luck.

  2. B. Perry says:

    I like the vinyl turntable graphic. Is it yours or is that a stock photo? If yours, what make and model is that table. I don’t recognize it. Perhaps a Rega? Or something from the golden age of the Japanese golden years of electronics perhaps?

    I’m still waiting for the Solid State Drives to get cheaper, but have now become a confirmed gnu/linux user. Glad to see you’re a friend of Dan’s who I’ve known for some time and respect highly.

    I’ve visited this blog from time to time and always enjoy your take on life in Harrisburg as my wife and I are on the other side of the river. Good luck with the new web hosting company.

  3. floor9 says:

    Thanks, Dan and B! The joys of launching a startup have really kept me away from this blog, something which I hope to rectify ASAP.

    As for the turntable, it’s a stock photo that came with the theme. Unfortunately I have no idea which make or model it is, but I like the look nonetheless. It would look perfect sitting next to my fully-loaded Atari 800.

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